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貴州中黔金融資產交易中心有限公司 / Developer
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Developer: 貴州中黔金融資產交易中心有限公司
Search operators you can use with AppAgg

You can use words or symbols called search operators to filter your AppAgg search results. You can also combine operators to filter your results even more. Search operators you can use:

Search operator & example
@title Title. Example: @title photo
@descr Description. Example: @descr collage
@dev Developer. Example: @dev google
@os OS. Example: @os ps5, @os switch, @os android, @os ipad
@iap Offers in-app purchases. Example: @iap yes, @iap no
@price Price $USD. Example: @price 0.99
@pmin Price $USD (Minimum). Example: @pmin 1.99
@pmax Price $USD (Maximum). Example: @pmax 15
@downloads Downloads. Example: @downloads 10
@dmin Downloads (Minimum). Example: @dmin 50
@dmax Downloads (Maximum). Example: @dmax 100
@lists Lists. Example: @lists 10
@lmin Lists (Minimum). Example: @lmin 5
@lmax Lists (Maximum). Example: @lmax 10
@rating Rating (App Store, Google Play, MS Store, PS Store). Maximum: 5, Minimum: 0. Example: @rating 4
@rmin Rating (Minimum) (App Store, Google Play, MS Store, PS Store). Example: @rmin 2.5
@rmax Rating (Maximum) (App Store, Google Play, MS Store, PS Store). Example: @rmax 5
@age Content Rating. Example: @age "4+", @age "9+", @age "12+", @age "17+", @age "Teen", @age "Everyone", @age "Mature"
"" Example: "photo editor"
^ Example: ^photo
$ Example: editor$
| Example: photo|editor

Example: @dev google
Example: @dev microsoft @title photo
Example: @title "^photo editor" @descr collage
Example: @title music @descr mp3 @dev ltd
Example: @os ps5
Example: @os ipad @price 0.99 @iap no
Example: music @os android @dmin 100
Example: @age "4+" @os iphone
Example: Developer «貴州中黔金融資產交易中心有限公司»

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